Racking is a part of the storage assistance system for material handling. It is a system which has been created to store materials on skids or pallets. It increases the storage density of the warehouse goods. It is vital for any warehouse that the available space is made the best use of by economical means. The racking shelving concept has mostly been the preferred method adopted by the important logistic companies in the world. Warehouse shelving is quite easy to install or set up. It is basically a system of beams and uprights which offer perfect storage conditions in warehouses for mainly palletized goods.

It Is All About Making The Best Use Of The Available Space

Pallet racking techniques in a warehouse are all about making a good use of the space that is available and hundreds of companies utilize warehouse racking in their warehouse establishments. This is done not only to keep their goods secured but also to optimize the space of the business storage unit. Racking comes in diverse forms and it can be installed to match the kind of products which are stored in the warehouses. A warehouse unit which utilizes good techniques of warehouse racking will be more streamlined than the one where the storage system is undeveloped. Racking helps in the promotion of a good professional image of the business, generally.

Looking At The Advantages Of Warehouse Racking

If a business wants to store its goods in a professional manner in its warehouse, then it goes without saying that storage racks are the best method of achieving this objective. They provide a storage environment of high standards for the goods of your company and this becomes important in connection with the meeting of the needs of the customers.

The kind of racking system that a business needs will depend on the warehouse dimensions and the size and weight of the goods that have to be kept in the warehouse.

Common Varieties of Warehouse Racking

      • Narrow Aisle Warehouse Racking – This kind of warehouse racking is suitable to warehouses where space is considered a premium. It allows for the installation of more storage units. Floor space is utilised more economically with this kind of warehouse racking and it makes easy to manage stock rotation.

Shelving and racks have been the conventional warehouse storage systems. They allow good control of the stock movement and they are adaptable to any kind of size, space or weight. They are versatile in handling and can be quite easy to maintain. With many accessories available nowadays, it is easy to store any kind of load. They are considered now as a universal system for direct access to each pallet in your warehouse.

The measurement of working aisles between each rack and the height of the rack is based on the makeup of the forklift trucks and the lifting devices. It also depends on the height of the warehouse and the size of the pallets.

The advantages extended by shelving and racks are:

1. Complete stock control where each storage space unit is occupied by a single pallet.

2. Adaptability to the maximum to any kind of load in terms of both volume and weight.

3. They can be combined with long spam beams so that goods can also be selected manually.

4. Double deep racks can also be installed so that more number of pallets can be stored and it allows for one pallet to be kept in front of another on either side of the aisle.

     • Drive-In Warehouse Racking – For businesses that focus heavily on high storage capacity, drive-in warehouse racking may be the perfect solution. The storage density which is provided by this kind of warehouse racking is extremely high and it helps in high optimisation of the floor space which is available in warehouses. Aisles between the shelves can be eliminated. The access can be admitted, depending on load lanes. This is a good system where you can store low rotation and homogeneous products. There can be many numbers of pallets for every reference or stock keeping unit. The system works on the storage by accumulation principle and it allows for good use of the available space in terms of area and height.

The main advantages are:

1. Maximum utilisation of the available space and this can extend up to eighty five per cent.

2. Aisles can be removed between the racking.

3. Better control of entry and exit.

4. It enables as many stock keeping units as there are loading lanes.

The Preferred Choice in Industrial Storage Solutions

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